Why This Blogger Is Breaking Up With Facebook

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When it comes to advertising, the platform that immediately comes to most businesses minds is Facebook. The social media giant has seemingly taken over the world, reaching people that most businesses wouldn’t be able to reach with more traditional forms of marketing. Over time, Facebook has fine-tuned its algorithms to develop the perfect advertising campaign options for businesses to get their ads in front of the very niche they are targeting. It’s no wonder that people look at me sideways when I tell them that I will not be using Facebook to promote my blog, and that I, in fact, actually deleted my personal profile altogether.

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So why did I make such a rash decision anyhow? Am I committing the ultimate blogging sin by not promoting my content on the biggest social media network in the world? I think not, and here’s what provoked my decision to do so:

1. Privacy Concerns

Why This Blogger Is Breaking Up With Facebook

While I had always been a little leery about the information Facebook has stored about me, my concerns only grew with each private data leak or when data was even sold at one point to people that had no business having our information. In addition, when we register for a social media account, we not only give out our name, date of birth, and email address, we are asked for our phone number, favorite movies, music, and TV shows. Top that with tagging people as close friends and family, complete with photos and check-in locations and Facebook knows more about us than our closest confidant. Also, take into account that Facebook owns all the information that we willingly hand over to the company. It’s unsettling to think the company owns cherished photos and conversions, and there is nothing I can do about it.

2. A Saturated Market

Why This Blogger Is Breaking Up With Facebook

In terms of business marketing, everyone and their mother is advertising on Facebook. And, for good reason. Facebook offers access to billions of sets of eyes. But, engagement is still everything and there is only so many spots on each person’s newsfeed to advertise. The demand for these spots are high, which means the price goes up, making it harder for small businesses (or blogs) to compete. This leads to my next point…

3. I’m Cheap

Why This Blogger Is Breaking Up With Facebook

Um, hello? I didn’t include “bootstrap” in my blog title because I like throwing money away. If I am going to pay for advertising, I want the best possible price with the best reach. Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer that to me. Post engagement is poor so it doesn’t offer me a good rate of return. My audience is clearly not scrolling through their Facebook feed. I have found better engagement on other social media platforms and via email.

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Please know that this is a personal decision that I made for my own business. If you choose to stick with Facebook for promoting your blog, then good for you and I wish you the best. Maybe you aren’t as paranoid as I am or you have had phenomenal results with Facebook ads. I’m happy for you if that is the case. But, I just can’t justify staying with Facebook any longer.

Why This Blogger Is Breaking Up With Facebook

So, here it is…the final breakup line: I’m sorry Facebook, but we have to break up. It’s not me, it’s you. I just can’t be with a social media platform that doesn’t have my best interests at heart. I can do better. It was fun while it lasted.


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