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Welcome to Bootstrap Blog Mama!

How I Got Started

I started my blogging journey in 2005 shortly after my daughter was born as a hobby. I really just needed a place to Blog my trials as a new housewife struggling to keep house with two babies. I have been blogging since and Bootstrap Blog Mama is my most recent endeavor.

In 2013, the hubby and I decided to pull our children out of public school and homeschool them instead. It has been a challenge but the benefits are well worth it. However, between the purchase of a fixer-upper and being a stay-at-home mom of three homeschool children, the budget quickly got tight.

The problem was that all the tools I used to maintain my hobby blog were now quickly depleting our bank account. But I wasn’t bringing in any cash. I was standing at a crossroad: give up on my passion or figure out a budget-friendly to not only maintain my blog but also to grow it and help supplement our income.

No Money, Tons of Ambition

I couldn’t bring myself to give up on one of my favorite things to do. I started scouring the internet for free and low-cost alternatives to the already incredible tools I was using. I scrolled through countless reviews, attended free webinars and trainings, and made cuts to here and there. I didn’t want to trade quality for a lesser price.

Some of my finds have worked out great, others not so much. I became overwhelmed and frustrated, but whenever I found a diamond in the rough, it sparked a bit more determination. I was going to make this work, and slowly, it all started to come together.

Bootstrap Blog Mama Was Born

During my quest to bootstrap my blog, I couldn’t help but wonder why there were so few bloggers out there that offered training and direction highlighting budget-friendly resources to budget-minded stay-at-home moms. Sure, the info is out there, but certainly not in one place.

A free training left you no better than where you started and was so loaded with advertising to by a $5,000 training course that, while it may be worth it a year down the road, will take food of the kids’plates for the next six months. There had to be a better way.

This is how a Bootstrap Blog Mama was born. It is here you will find quality content about starting, running, and growing your own blogging business, free or low-cost resources to help you build momentum, and amazing support in the event you have questions. Seriously, send me an email and know that I am there to help you through the process!

I promise you will never see a high-cost Training on Bootstap Blog Mama, I will never recommend a product or resource I do not believe is worth your time or money, and I will keep it real.

Many blessings,

Shannon Salas